BS (before SWELL), we were fortunate enough to work with many industry-leading agencies and global brands.

Those large shops are great, and they'll continue to do amazing work. But over time we started to ask - is the traditional agency model the only solution? We thought about it, and decided, probably not.

There are a lot of great things about big agencies - big teams, big offices, lots of meetings and a surplus of free food. But there are also restrictions and limitations when it comes to  what some clients really need - big, traditionally structured teams (who is that strategy guy you see twice a year?), big offices, lots of meetings and big bills to pay for all the 'free' food. 

Don't get us wrong. We love big agencies - some of our best friends are big agencies.  We just believe in an alternative way of working. 

We work closely with a network of some of the most creative and smart individuals, companies and teams in the US and beyond. This way, you get people who are perfectly matched to your needs and actually want to work on your brief. 

Tomos Evans Co-Founder

Has opinions.  

Loves to challenge the traditional marketing approach and believes 'social' applies to every marketing channel - what's the point of any marketing if it doesn't spark a conversation or an engagement with the brand?

Worked with some of the world's biggest brands, including Microsoft, Xbox, Toyota, Sony, Jack Daniels, Sky Broadcasting, LVMH brands, Motorola Nokia and the Campari portfolio.  

Mark Meyerhoff Co-Founder

From managing events for Jay-Z to national LGBT and marriage equality campaigns, Mark is a passionate advocate for the power of bringing brands to life through real world events and experiences.

With over a decade of experiential marketing experience he's worked on diverse brands such as Campari America, SKYY Vodka, Toyota, Moet Hennessy, Vanity Fair, Old Navy, Microsoft and Motorola. 

Eric Monroe

A production powerhouse. Eric's boundless energy and experiential experience is invaluable.
When not in event production mode he's a passionate live music photographer and fishing enthusiast. Clearly both passions are totally related… 

Past clients include  Red Bull and Toyota. 

Esme Barcomi

A truly entrepreneurial problem solver, Esme’s experience in both the fashion and food business means she knows how to deliver a great event. Growing up in Berlin certainly doesn’t hurt either.

Past clients include I-D, Vogue, Fashion for Relief, Mercedes Benz and Samsung.