It’s ok, we’ve all got questions. This is a safe space. We'd love to talk it through in person, but we’re guessing these are some of the most pressing ones…

Nimble means you can’t scale right? 

No. Nimble means we can scale quickly to meet the need at hand.  Without our clients paying for time and services they aren’t using. 

Think of it like going to brunch, you don’t want to pay for breakfast and lunch, you want to pay for brunch. And maybe a cocktail or three. 

From January to July 2018 our events have reached over 2.9 million consumers and we sampled over 180,000 directly and generated organic social reach of over 53 million. So, yes, we can scale. 


But we want consistency and don’t need a constantly rotating team!

Of course you do. The agency’s job it to make your life easier, deliver work which not only engages the consumer but elevates the brand (and the brand team). 

That’s why every team is lead by SWELL. While we’re proud of our partners and don’t white label their services (and believe us a lot of white labelling goes on in this industry), the client always has a consistent, core SWELL leader from start to end. 

The SWELL experience for the client retains all the reassurance of the more traditional model, with the benefits of an agile, responsive and modern approach.


If we’re working with a network aren’t we paying twice? 

Annoyingly we're very good value. Thanks to long standing working relationships with trusted partners we ensure clients are paying less than with a ‘full service’ off the shelf solution. 

Unlike a traditional structure, clients pay for only the work that is done and for those working directly on it. Not doing anything in summer? Why are you paying for a team to sunbathe? 

An additional (and significant) benefit is this structure allows us to tailor the team to your particular need. Very few agencies truly have the talent to match every possible brief. Why pay for work which isn’t perfect when the ideal talent is out there? And if you’re going to white label talent, why not be honest and proud of your team?


But we want a full service team!

Thankfully truths are still truths, and anyone who says they can offer an entirely full service team in house is probably telling you an alternative fact. (Insert cute wink emoji here).